ICAE 2019

National Conference with International Participation ART AND EDUCATION

"Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy with the Department of Teacher Education and Training, the Center of Research, Training and Professional Development, Distance Learning Department and the Teaching Stuff Resource Center and the Scientific Committee invite you to the 11th National Conference with International Participation "INTERDISCIPLINARITY AND TRANSDISCIPLINARITY IN MUSICAL EDUCATION" held at "Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from April 3rd until the 5th, 2019which aims to achieve objectives of multidisciplinary research in the fields of: education sciences, communication sciences, psychology, sociology, through the intervention on issues of topical interest.

The main advantages of participation in the conference:

-The possibility to contribute with articles on various topics, each theme featuring generous openings to many niche topics that will be included in several sections
-The possibility to publish the works, according to five quality levels (ICT in the musical fieldERIH+ and BDI indexed, ranked in category B, publishing house ranked in category B, with conference proceedings included in KVK libraries http://tic.edituramediamusica.ro/, and in the journal Music Cognition. BDI indexed, http://cognitiemuzicala.edituramediamusica.ro/)


It offers six main areas for exploration, each one allowing interdisciplinary approaches that can be included in several sections:

1. Professionalization of communication

2. Formal and informal in education.

3. Educational strategies through Art

4. Continuing Musical Education and ICT in music

5. Education and Management

6. Demonstration lessons

CONFERENCE LANGUAGES: English and Romanian.

TARGET: university professors and high school teachers, researchers, librarians, documentarists, professionals and students in areas which come under the general themes of the conference.


Location: "Gheorghe Dima" Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca, str. I.C.Brătianu, no. 25