ICAE 2023

National Conference with International Participation ART AND EDUCATION

Community Art Education

GENERAL THEMES. Nowadays, more than ever, music and research bear the mark of digitalization through: information and communication technologies (ICT), platforms, applications, repositories, databases, software. These challenges determined an approach focused on „e”: e-teaching, e-learning, e-listening, e-writing and so on. In this context, is vital to have didactic tools suitable for e-Music and e-Research.

The aim of the conference is to exchange ideas and practices, to present innovations, to discuss and explore various areas of reflection but not limited to:

·  Re-thinking didactic tools from the perspective of Interactive Teaching Strategies in Music Education;

·  Examples of good practices in teaching music with electronic devices;

·  Strategies to network between scholars, professors, students involving didactic tools of Interactive Teaching Strategies in Music Education

·  Evaluation methodologies of Interactive Teaching Strategies through artificial intelligence;

·  Presentation of projects outputs or on-going projects where didactic tools are applied in Interactive Teaching Strategies in Music Education with didactic scope;

·  Professional development and skills training through Interactive Teaching Strategies;

·  Interactive Teaching Strategies in Music Education in cros- multi- and inter-cultural projects. 

"Gheorghe Dima" National Music Academy with the Department of Teacher Education and Training, the Center of Research, Training and Professional Development, Distance Learning Department and the Teaching Stuff Resource Center and the Scientific Committee invite you to the 15th National Conference with International Participation "COMMUNITY ART EDUCATION" held at "Gheorghe Dima" National Music Academy, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, on April 26th-28th 2023which aims to achieve objectives of multidisciplinary research in the fields of: education sciences, communication sciences, psychology, sociology, through the intervention on issues of topical interest.

The main advantages of participation in the conference:

-The possibility to contribute with articles on various topics, each theme featuring generous openings to many niche topics that will be included in several sections
-The possibility to publish the works, according to five quality levels (ICT in the musical fieldERIH+ and BDI indexed, ranked in category B, publishing house ranked in category B, with conference proceedings included in KVK libraries http://tic.edituramediamusica.ro/, and in the journal Music Cognition. BDI indexed, http://cognitiemuzicala.edituramediamusica.ro/)

CONFERENCE LANGUAGES: English and Romanian.

TARGET: university professors and high school teachers, researchers, librarians, documentarists, professionals and students in areas which come under the general themes of the conference.


Location: on-line/ on-site "Gheorghe Dima" National Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca, str. I.C.Brătianu, no. 25