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WEDNESDAY, April 3rd, 2013


Opening Ceremony of the Conference,

Location: Concert Hall of Gheorghe Dima Music Academy


Prof.univ.dr. Maria Timariu, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy,

Prof.univ.dr. Adrian Pop, president of  RoSME.


10.30 - 14.00

Location: Concert Hall of Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

Book presentation: Asist.univ.dr. Gabriela Viorica Munteanu
(Gheorghe Dima Music Academy)
Romanian Pedagogical Concepts in Music. Liviu Comes and Dan Voiculescu.

Guest: director Nadia Baciu (Fărcaş), Ecou Transilvan Publishing House, Cluj-Napoca.

The book will be presented by prof.univ.dr. Valentin Timaru and conf.univ.dr. Mihaela Gavriş.

Performer: student Mara Prună, 6th grade, class of prof. Eva Buteanu, Sigismund Toduţă Music Highschool, Cluj-Napoca.



Location: Concert Hall of the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

Coordinator: Prof.univ.dr. Maria Timariu, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca

Hosts: Prof.univ.dr. Maria Timariu, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Asist.univ.dr. Gabriela Viorica Munteanu, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Lect.univ.dr. Firuţa Mesaroş, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Lect.univ.dr. Nicoleta Demian, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Lect.univ.dr. Vasile Cioca, University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Paşca Vlad, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, master student, teacher at the Theoretical Highschool in Carei, Diana Zamfirşi Melinda Banyai , Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, students, Prof. dr. Hilda Iacob - Sigismund Toduţă  High School, Cluj-Napoca.


Round Table, Skills for the Teaching Career

Moderator Lect.univ.dr. Sanda Onutz


15.00- 18.30

Information and Communication Technology in the Musical Field

Location: Room 11


15.00- 16.30- Communication Session

Lect.univ.dr. Cristian Bence Muk

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca:

Information Technologies Used in Composing Golem for Clarinet, Piano and Electronic Music by Cristian Bence-Muk.

Conf.univ.dr. Mirela Mercean

Arts Faculty of the University of Oradea:

Electronic Music Beyond Technology

Prof.univ.dr. Nelida Nedelcuţ, Prof.univ.dr. Constantin Rîpă, Asist.univ.dr. Lucian Ghişa

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca: Methods for Developing the Musical Hearing Mediated by ITC exercises

Conf.univ.dr. Veronica Demenescu

Faculty of Arts, West University Timişoara:

Study regarding ITC in the Academic Musical Education in Romania

Conf.univ.dr. Ecaterina Banciu

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca:

Through the Maze of Typing

Conf.univ.dr. Cornelia Cuteanu

Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca:

New Information Technologies and the Expressive Potential of the Digital Piano

Conf.univ.dr. Iosif Katona,
Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj- Napoca:

Rediscovered ancient habits of the Maori people of New Zealand and educating youth in this tradition with the modern technology

Moderator prof. univ. dr. Constantin Rîpă

16.30- 17.00- Coffee break  


Location: Room 11             

17.00- 18.30- Lecture demonstration

Cătălin Creţu, Coordinator of the Centre of Electroacoustic Music and Multimedia of the National University of Music, Bucharest.



THURSDAY, April 4th, 2013


9.30- 13.00 International Workshop

Location: Room 11

Eilon Aviram

Levinsky College of Education, video-conference from Tel- Aviv, Israel:

Computerized  Music Composition in Education.

Prof. Ulla Levens

University of Oldenburg:

Playing Music Together without Musical Scores as an Educative Intervention to Initiate Creative Processes


10.30- 11.00 - Coffee break  

Dr. Alison Daubney

University of Sussex, England:

Integrating Music Technology in the Creative Teaching and Learning Process

Moderator prof. univ. dr. Nelida Nedelcuț 


14.20- 17.30 Demonstration lesson

Location: Transylvania College   

The Music room 



Prof. Anamaria Eli, Prof. Bruce Mallord, England

How Can you Create  a Samba Rhythm Using Your Own Body?


How can different sounds be used? (graphic notation/ rhythm & pulse)

16.00-17.30 - Ulla Levens, University of Oldenburg  

Sounds and Colours

17.30-18.30 Round table,

Moderator Bruce Mallord, England



FRIDAY, April 5th, 2013


10.00- 12.00-

Workshop of Entrepreneurial Practice for students:


Coordinator: C.D.A. Dr. Oana Bălan, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy


Location: Room 8




“Luciano Pavarotti” Festival, Mocian Ioan, Barna Alin, ASM 1

“Polly-Dolly”Puppet TheatreGodja George Ionuț, ASM 1

Sound Companies, Molnar Zoltan, ASM 1

Folkmusic education for schools and kindergartens, Dumbravă Sergiu, ASM 1




Music impresario, Topan Alexandra, ASM 1.   

Organizingartistic events – startup companies, Caraba Daniela Andreea, ASM 1.  

Programsfor musical  kindergartens, Boha Andrada, ASM 1

Promoting music through karaoke systems, Roșca Alina, ASM 1.




Transilvania Brass Ensemble, Vesa Amos, Țună Sebastian,1 CMD.

Promoting chamber ensembles, Vincze Beata, Rebenciuc Andreea, 1 CMD.

AMGD’s Student Association – organizingconcerts, Jurje Alexandra, 1 CMD.

Musical  kindergartens between public and private institutions - Gergely Edit, 1 CMD.




 Romanian Folk Music – Promoting the „Codru” area from Satu Mare, Pustai Simona, 1 Ped. 

 Musical tour – music historyconferences for students, Suldac Tabita, 1 CMD. 

Musical activities for little children, Czinzel Ingrid, 1 Int.   

Lied performances, Magda Maftei, 2 ASM  




Introductory lectures for percussion andstringed instruments,Boboia Nicolae, Coadă Alexandru, 1 Int

Promoting the jazz ensemble, Suchici Lucian, 1 Int

The musicalentertainment companies – from concept to product, Syma Pop, 1 Int 

Electroclassic, Mihaela Popa, 1 Int

MusicMarketingServices, Carina Patricia Pleșcan, 1 ASM




15.00- 18.00

Interdisciplinary Workshop


Location: Room 11

Conf.univ.dr. Paul Popovici,

Lect.univ.dr. Codruţa Ştefania Jucan,

Lect.univ.dr. Mihnea Dan Radu, Faculty of Legal and Administrative Sciences of the Dimitrie Cantemir Christian University, Cluj-Napoca.