- International Conference -
2nd Edition

Workshop in Music Didactics
 - Symposium:

I.C.T. in musical field
- Educative Concert:
Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev op.67

from April the 16th  to April the 17th, 2010

Friday, April the 16th, 2010
ROOM 16:
8:30 to 9:00 Welcome guests
Studio Hall:
9:15 to 9:30 – Welcome speech, Rector of Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca - Professor Adrian Pop
1. Musical education and evaluation. Interrogations, opinions, suggestions
Conf.univ.dr. Elena Chircev - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca
2. Evaluation methods in education in Serbia. Textbooks in Musical Culture in evaluation of students performance in the 1st to the 4th grade.

Conf.univ.dr. Ion Lele - Faculty of Teachers from Belgrade- School of Advanced Studies for Educators, Vrsac, Serbia
3. Developing students' artistic sensibility through integrated learning
Lect.univ.dr. Vasile Cioca - University of Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca
4. Transdisciplinarity and vocational integration in musical education. Three "different teaching projects" generators for new educational approaches
Lect.univ.dr. Valentina Sanda Hîrlav - Maistorovici - National University of Music, Bucharest
5. Degree of utility of the musical examples from textbooks for the 5th to the 8th grade
Conf.univ.dr. Maria Zorica Pitic - Faculty of Music, University of Oradea
6. Forming the ability of self-assessment for students
Conf.univ.dr. Jámbor Fekete Elisabeta - Faculty of Music, University of Oradea
7. Adapting contents and assessment methods in the context of reducing music education classes
Prof. methodologist Ioana Şandor - Lucian Blaga High school, Oradea
11:15 to 11:45 coffee break
8. Levels and forms of assessment in "Classical Dance"
Prof.dr. Nicoleta Demian - Choreography and Dramatic Art High school Octavian Stroia, Cluj- Napoca
9. First sight reading and its assessment in high school piano classes
Conf.univ.dr. Veronica Negreanu - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
10. Evaluation in musical education discipline mentor Cătălin Neaţu - National Pedagogical College Gheorghe Lazar Cluj-Napoca
11. Aspects of defining the concept of assessment in the didactic process of instrumental music education
Conf.univ.dr. Alina - Anca Stanciu, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
12. Specific aspects of evaluation in school competitions, dr. mentor Monica Stanca Noveanu - School of Music Sigismund Toduţă, Cluj- Napoca
13. Quality management - a study of needs at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy
Lect.univ.dr. Sanda Onutz - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
14. Musical education through interactive methods
Conf.univ.dr. Maria Eugenia Paşca - University of the Arts George Enescu, Iaşi
15. Computer aided evaluation  in the  musical education class
Prof.univ.dr.  Gabriela Munteanu - Spiru Haret University , Faculty of Music, Bucharest
16. From evaluation to self-assessment

Conf.univ.dr. Anastasia Buruian - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca
1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.- Lunch break
Concert Hall:
15:30 Interactive Workshop in Music Didactics
- Moderator D.P.P.D. director, Prof.univ.dr. Maria Timariu
Evaluation exercise - Medallion Carl Czerny
Conf.univ.dr. Mihaela Gavriş - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy of Cluj- Napoca
Evaluation, direct resource for a formative teaching process
Prof.univ.dr. Maria Timariu - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca, an application organized in collaboration with asist.univ.dr. Gabriela - Viorica Munteanu - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy of Cluj- Napoca and mentor Flavia DemeterGeorge Coşbuc National College, Cluj-Napoca
Saturday, April the 17th, 2010
Room 11:
Symposium: Information and Communication Technologies in musical field
The Symposium is organized by the Centre of Excellence of the Department of Continuing Education and Distance Learning in the research project : Exploring the adaptation of  educational online resources in  musical artistic education, financed by CNCSIS
Moderators : Prof.univ.dr. Constantin Rîpă, Prof.univ.dr. Nelida Nedelcuţ

9:00- 10:00
Fundamental and applicative researches in education mediated by I.T.
1. A new vision of music education
Prof.univ.dr. Constantin Rîpă - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj- Napoca
2. Information and communication technologies in the context of contemporary music education
Phd. Loredana Conţiu, Mrs. Oltea School, Oradea
3. The Professor - yesterday, today, tomorrow ...
Prof. Ion Negrilă - No.2 School Făgăraş, Department of Arts, Braşov
4.  The role of I.T. in musical and artistic education
Prof. Carolina Karoli - School of Music Tudor Jarda, Bistriţa
5. Guidelines in composing teaching materials in multimedia format
Dr. Lucian Ghişa - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
10:00- 11:00
6. Didactic valences of T.I.C. resources in music education

Conf.univ.dr. Laura Veronica Demenescu, Asist.univ.drd. Simon Negru - Faculty of Music, University of the West, Timişoara
7. I.T. applications in Harmony and Counterpoint

Conf.univ.dr. Gabriela Coca- Babeş-Bolyai University, Faculty of Reformed Theology, Cluj-Napoca
8. Using digital technologies in ethnomusicology research
Dr. Alina Stan - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
11:30- 1:00 p.m.
Resources I.T. in musical field
9. Prolegomena to Interactive Musical Systems
Lect.univ.dr. Adrian Borza - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
10. Reason - efficiency and creativity
Asist.univ.dr. Ciprian Pop - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
11. Sibelius 6 - Facilities in musical composition
Asist.univ.dr. Răzvan Metea - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
12. Dimensions of technology education in developing musical knowledge
Lect.univ.dr. Cristian Mihăescu - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
13. Exploring the adaptation of educational online resources in musical artistic education
Prof.univ.dr. Nelida Nedelcuţ - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
14. The Computer - a real help in music education
Prof. Verestóy Attila - Waberer 's International Zrt, Budapest Creation and musical creativity mediated by IT

15. Computer applications in music
Lect.univ.dr. Aron Fazakas - Sapientia University Cluj-Napoca
16. Aleatorism versus Computer
Phd. Carmen Plaian - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
17. Refractory in contemporary music through digital technology
Phd. Oana Bălan - Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca
18. E -learning and new media strategies in education
Ing.Dipl Jens Walding, Walding Enterprise, Wiener Staatsoper, Austria
19. Interferences in Music and Information Technology
Prof. Iuliana Păşcălău, Buzeşti Brothers National College, Craiova
Prof. Ana Păşcălău, Henri Coandă Technical College, Timişoara
Concert Hall:

11:00, 12:30
Educative Concert
organized in partnership with Transylvania State Philharmonic, Cluj-Napoca

Program: Sergei Prokofiev, Peter and the Wolf op.67
- Conductor and moderator Matei Pop