General conference topics are, but are not limited to:

             ● Creative education                                ● Collaborative learning

             ● Interdisciplinary methods in education    ● Educational virtual environments

             ● New learning models and applications    ● Lifelong learning

             ● Pedagogical and psychological issues    ● Platforms and authoring tools

             ● Music Therapy                                      ● Multimedia applications

             ● Networks/Grids for learning

             Types of sessions

             ● Full Paper sessions (peer reviewed)        ● Tutorials

             ● Interactive demonstrations                     ● Keynote talks   

             ● Discussion panels

             Other opportunities to participate

             Thematic workshops / tutorials  as well as interactive demonstrations and

              exhibitions may also be proposed. Prospective organizers of other events

              are encouraged to contact the Conference Chair.

             Conference language

             Romanian, English.


             The proceedings will be published on CD in cooperation with MediaMusica

             Publishing House (own ISBN number).
Format instructions will be available

             in time.