ULLA LEVENS, born in 1953, has studied computer science, mathematics and music and has done research in the field of computer music. She plays violin, viola and berimbau, is a member in the German association 'Ring für Gruppenimprovisation' and plays in the Ensemble 'TonArt' in Hamburg as well as in the orchestra 'basel sinfonietta' in Switzerland.

She lives in Oldenburg/Germany, teaches at the department of music at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg and is freelance in playing concerts and doing performances. She is envolved in projects with students and scholars in the field of creative music learning without scores. Actually she works on her dissertation project in the field of group improvisation.

DANIEL JÜDES studied dance pedagogy and worked as a choreographer and dancer at the Oldenburg State Theatre. He has worked free-lance for the UNESCO for continuing developement in several countries including South Africa, Brasil, Israel, Palestina, The Netherlands, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovia and leads his own dance school in Oldenburg.

Since 2011 he is teaching Flamenco and Contact Improvisation / Creative learning, at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg.