WEDNESDAY, April 5th 2017

THURSDAY, April 6th 2017

FRIDAY, April 7th 2017

WEDNESDAY, April 5th 2017



Location: Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Concert Hall

Univ. Prof. PhD. Nelida NedelcuțGheorghe Dima Music Academy

9.00-10.00, 10.30-11.30


Noah’s Ark. Fragments from compozsitions of Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven ao.

Conductor/moderator: Dalma Lidia Kovács

Coordinator: Ştefana Ţiţeica 


WORKSHOP I want to be a good teacher

Location:Vasile Herman Conference Room

Students of 3rd year of study, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

Moderator: Univ.Lect.PhD. Sanda OnutzGheorghe Dima Music Academy 




Location:Vasile Herman Conference Room

Brain-Computer Interface: the interactive device MindWave Mobile for

                     brainwave monitoring

                    Beatrice Iordache, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy,

                   Transilvania University, Brașov

An exploratory study of strong experiences with music

                   PhD. Corina CeclanGheorghe Dima Music Academy 

                   PhD. Dan Variu, Transilvania State Philharmonic Cluj-Napoca

Music and movement – indispensable dualism for an efficient music education

                   Assoc. PhD. Diana-Elena Sârb, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

The effect of relaxation techniques on student music sight-reading and short-term learning

                 under test-induced performance anxiety

                 Assoc. PhD. Mihai Popean, West University of Timișoara

The influence of sound on food perception

                Eng.PhD. Laura Stan, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine,


A short presentation of human cognition

                  Univ. Lect. PhD. Sanda OnutzGheorghe Dima Music Academy

Sound-to-color Synesthesia and its Influence on the Level of Emotion

                  Univ. Prof. PhD. Stela Drăgulin, Transilvania University Brașov

                  PhD. student Fulvia Anca Constantin, Transilvania University Brașov

Aspects of musical cognition applied in the Kristóf Deák's 2017 Oscar winner short movie Sing

                  Univ. Lect. PhD. Iosif KatonaBabeș-Bolyai University,

                  Theatre and Television, Department of Cinema, Photography and Media

Playing frightened? A short introduction into music performance anxiety

                  Univ.Prof.PhD. Adrian Opre, PhD. Andrada Jucan, Babeș-Bolyai University

Music and Movement – Aspects of the connection between music and movement

                  Asist. PhD. student Dalma Lidia KovácsGheorghe Dima Music Academy


Cda PhD. Mihai Popean, West University of Timișoara

Cda PhD. Diana-Elena Sârb, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy


THURSDAY, April 6th 2017


Parallel Sessions



Transylvania College - the Cambridge International School

 Read and play music using the colours, year 1

Prof. Anamaria Eli, Transylvania College

Uke orchestra- using an educational soft for

instruments Yousician, year 4

Prof. Anamaria EliTransylvania College

Coordinators:  Kate Rudkin, USA

Ebony Ellis,England

12.00-12.45 lunch break

Bindfaden/string (2013) by Violeta Dinescu

Univ.Lect. Ursula Levens, Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg, Germany 


Location: Babeș Bolyai University, Cinema Room (43)

WORKSHOP in Cultural Management

Fundraising for cultural activities

Sissy Thammer, Festival junger Künstler Bayreuth Director, Germany

Moderator: Univ. Lect. PhD. Iosif Katona, Babeș-Bolyai University,

Theatre and Television, Department of Cinema, Photography and Media 


WORKSHOP of presentation

Location: Vasile Herman Conference Room

Presentation of the E-MusicMaestro resource

Peter Noke, Director of E-MusicMaestro

Interactive transmission through video conference

Moderator: Assoc. Prof. PhD. Ciprian Gabriel Pop, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy



Information and Communication Technology in Musical Field

Location: Vasile Herman Conference Room

The role of visual feedback in training the singing voice

                Dr. Rodica Mureșan, specialist ENT physician with specialization in Phoniatrics and

                ENT endoscopic surgery 

From resources to sources in musicological research. Valorification and results

               Assoc. Prof. PhD. Veronica Laura Demenescu, West University of Timișoara

               PhD. Victor Velter, Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and

               Innovation Funding

Digital sytems in the building of classical pipe organs

                Prof.PhD. Habil. Felician Roșca, West University of Timișoara

Yousician - music education platform

               Prof. Anamaria Eli, Transylvania College

Audacity – utility and versatility

               Assoc.Prof.PhD. Ciprian Gabriel Pop,Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca

               Prof. Mara Dana Florentina Pop, Sigismund Toduță Music Highschool, Cluj-Napoca

Considerations on the reception of electronic music

               Assoc.Prof.PhD. Mirela Mercean-Ţârc, University of Oradea, Faculty of Arts,

               Music Department

Information Technology Employed in Writing Bachelor’s Theses in Musical Folklore

                Assoc.Prof.PhD. Delia Stoian-Irimie, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Piatra-Neamț Extension

                 Redactor PhD.student Dionisie Stoian-Irimie, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

Using E-MusicMaestro e-learning resources to develop key musicianship skills

                 Sandy J. Holland, Director E-MusicMaestro, England

Exploring the music – movement – word interaction in the piece Discomfort for flute and tape (2013)

               by Cora Miron

               Prof. Cătălina Popa, Tudor Jarda Musical Highschool Bistrița

The Scientific Approach to Music Therapy – New Trends in the Measurement Technology

              Univ. Prof. PhD. Stela Drăgulin, Transilvania University Brașov

              PhD. student Fulvia Anca Constantin, Transilvania University Brașov

Integrating the computer technology in the musical learning 

              Univ.Prof.PhD. Dragoș Călin, National University of Music, Bucharest 


Univ.Prof.PhD. Nelida Nedelcuț, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

Assoc.Prof.PhD. Ciprian Gabriel Pop, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy



Location: Concert Hall

Bigg Dimm A'Band Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Univ.Lect.PhD. Răzvan Metea, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy


FRIDAY, April 7th 2017



 WORKSHOP in Cultural Management 

Location: Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Room 11

Sissy Thammer, Festival junger Künstler Bayreuth Director, Germany

Moderator: Univ. Prof. PhD. Nelida Nedelcuț, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy



Workshop of Artistic Management in entrepreneurial style

Location: Vasile Herman Room


Management strategies – Pitești Philharmonic – study case

Andrei Tase (year 2)

The importance of understanding the emotions in the management of the artistic


Dara Catalina Roxin (year I)

The management of emotional intelligence and artistic performance

Irina Movileanu (year I)

Particularities of an after school type program based on music education –

study case, Adelina Sabau (year II)

Fear of failure and artistic performances, Roberta Lupaș (year I)

Auto evaluation and motivation in building the career

Alexandra Corpade (year I)

The management and projects for management improvement of the Sigismund

Toduţă Music College, study case

Pal Petra, Constantin Sabina (year II)

Awareness of personal skills and grading the effort towards professional

development in short, medium and long term

Vieriu Antonia, Andrei Todorovici (year I)

College of Arts Sabin Dragoi Arad - Metamorphosis study case

Mădălina Musca, Paul Tonca (year II)

Management of time and the optimization of the career

Diana Kiss (year I)

Popular Schools of Arts- models of the principle of lifelong learning- study case,

Ioana Ianchis (year II)

Mentally projecting the success, an important instrument in the artistic field

Raluca Pintzoi (year I)

Models of reflection, self-evaluation and motivation in developing the artistic

career, Oegar Stefania Oana (year I)

The Management of Hungarian Opera from Cluj – study case

Babțan-Varga Florian, Réman Gergely Bálint (year II)

Examples of rebuilding confidence in the artistic career

Beáta Simény (year I)

Transylvania State Philharmonic – organization and promotion strategies – study

case, Săsărman Diana, Debora Coană (year II)

Models for planning the professional-artistic progress  

Stoian Nicoleta (year I)

Motivational stories about success and failure in the artistic career

Suldac Aurelia, Costea Anda (year 1)

Projecting high standards in developing the artistic career

Smaranda Ciubotariu (year 1)

Exceptional results as mean of stimulation the continuing professional

development, Siminic Oana (year 1)

Work, devotion and art- Arad Phillarmonic – study case

Pop Tabita, Văcean Patrick (year II)

Somatic and medical representations of emotions and public performances

Dan Ariana-Mixandra (year 1)

Opera – study case

Roxana M. Seraz, Kovács Csilla (year II)

Professional development in short, medium and long term

Perde Raluca (year I)

The Music Academy from Cluj between decades- study case

Giorgiana Creța, Giulia Șandor (year II)

Management of Highschool the Art from Târgu Mureș – study case

Domide Nichita, Boglar Bardocz (year II)

State Philharmonic from Tg. Mureș – study case

Pop Andreea, Ioana Ijac (year II)

Relaxation techniques and management of the emotions in public appearances 

Iliuț Maricica Diana (year I) 

The insitution that for eight years I named my second home

Camelia Crișan (year II)

 Coordinator: Univ.Lect.PhD. Oana BălanGheorghe Dima Music Academy