TUESDAY, April 2nd 2019




Dima Youth Contest, 1st part

Vasile Herman Room

The Dima Youth Contest it is addressed to the students of the programs Composition, Music, Musicology, Conducting and it represents an appropriate frame for revaluating the knowledge of musical didactics and the development of creativity within elaborating the didactic scenarios and making of instruments.

  • Section A: Pseudo instruments (handmade instruments)
  • Section B: Musical stories (inspired by the universal musical literature, librettos of the operas, program music, creations for children), presented under the form of a didactic scenario.

Moderators: Univ. Lect. PhD. Oana Bălan-Budoiu, Univ. Lect. PhD. Diana Sârb,Gheorghe Dima Music Academy



Concert Hall

Launching the intellectual products - a set of guides for trainers, managers and entrepreneurs related to entrepreneurship and crowdfunding:

  • Crowdfunding as a market test opportunity - launching crowdfunding campaigns and presenting the entrepreneurs from the program
  • Entrepreneurial lessons in creative industries


Guests: Mădălina Batalu și Lucian GrămescuImpact Hub Bucharest

Moderator: Univ. Lect. PhD. Oana Bălan-BudoiuGheorghe Dima Music Academy



Dima Youth Contest, 2nd part

Vasile Herman Room



Dima Youth Contest. Awards Ceremony.

Vasile Herman Room


Concert Musica suprimata

Concert Hall

Works by: Joseph Haydn, Philip Herschkowitz, Viktor Ullman, Norbert von Hannenheim, Ludwig van Beethoven


Soloist Moritz Ernst, piano

WEDNESADY, April 3rd 2019




Concert Hall 


Interactive workshop of music didactics: 5th class from Gheorghe Șincai National College.

Coordinators: Univ. Lect. PhD. Diana Sârb,Bicăzan

Bianca (master 1), Plian Alexandru (master 1), Gheorghe Dima Music Academy



Didactic workshop of choreography: 6th grade schoolgirls, Octavian Stroia High school of Choreography and Dramatic Art, Cluj-Napoca

Coordinators: Univ. Lect PhD. Nicoleta Demian,

Univ.Assist.PhD. student Luminița ToaderCiubotariu Smaranda (ASM year 3), Lupaș Roberta, (ASM year 3), Gheorghe Dima Music Academy


Interactive didactic musical workshop. Guests: 6th grade, George Coșbuc National College Cluj-Napoca.

Coordinator: Univ. Lect. PhD. Diana Sârb, students

(Music-English year 1), Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

Moderator: Univ. Lect. PhD. Diana Sârb,Gheorghe Dima Music Academy



Music Cognition

Vasile Herman Conference Room

The modulatory effect of meditation on emotional well-being, behavior management and brain activity for music cognition research

     Univ.Lect.PhD. Mihai Popean, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre

The cognitive impact on emotion in the artistic formation process

      Univ.Lect.PhD. Claudia BataragăGheorghe Dima Music Academy

A DO-RE-MI of Learning Techniques for Primary School Students

      Univ.Lect.PhD. Laura Bochiş, Univ.Lect.PhD. Loredana Muntean, Faculty of Social-Humanistic Sciences, University of Oradea

Lettres sur le danse et sur les ballets – choreomusicology in theory and practice

      Univ.Lect.PhD. Nicoleta DemianGheorghe Dima Music Academy

Cognitive Aspects of Musical Folklore

       PhD. Student Veronica - Claudia CostantinGheorghe Dima Music Academy

Rhythmic education, interconnection between the mathematical intelligence and the musical-rhythmic one

       PhD. Student Hristina Mârza, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

The aesthetic category of beauty in orthodox music. The preliminary of a research.

       Assoc.Prof.PhD. Veronica Demenescu, Univ. Lect.PhD. Ionuț Arderean, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre

The Applicability and Effects of Body Percussion: Opinions of Music Students in Osijek, Croatia

      Prof. Asoc. Ana Popović, Faculty of Education, Lect.Blanka Gigić Karl,The Academy of Arts and Culture Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Croatia

Patterns of Communication in Psychotherapy – Metaphor in Disenchantment and Melotherapy– A Comparative Study

      Univ.Lect.PhD. Cecilia CurisDunărea de Jos University of Galați

Child Anxiety Management by Musical Activity during Interaction with a Healthcare Provider in the Rural Area of the Neno District, Malawi, Africa

      PhD. Student Iulia Toma, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre


Moderators: Univ. Lect. PhD. Diana Sârb,Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Univ.Lect.PhD. Mihai Popean, West University of Timisoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre



Concert Musica suprimata

Concert Hall

Works for violin, cello and piano of: Ludwig van Beethoven, Gabriel Iranyi, Norbert von Hannenheim, Erwin Schulhoff, George Enescu, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy.

Soloists: Troels Svane (cello), Marianne Boettcher (violin), Sergej Filioglo (piano)

THURSDAY, 4th April 2019



Location: Transylvania College - the Cambridge International School


Jazz muzic using Orff and Dalcroze methods, class y8

Prof. Anamaria EliTransylvania College


Using modern technology teaching music

Prof. Anamaria EliTransylvania College

14:00- 15:00

Classroom orchestra, class y4

Collaborative teaching practicum.

Prof. Andrew Morgan,Prof. Jim Geary, UK





Information and Communication Technology in Musical Field

Location: Vasile Herman Conference Room

Technology versus Vocal Technique. II. Information, a One Way Trip?

      Univ. Prof. PhD. Marius Vlad BudoiuGheorghe Dima Music Academy

Educators’ Training Programs for Integrating ICT in the

Field of Music

      Univ. Prof. PhD. Nelida NedelcuțGheorghe Dima Music Academy

      Assoc. Prof. PhD. Ciprian Gabriel PopGheorghe Dima Music Academy

The Rhythm Studio. Rock and Pop Academy

      Chris Hodges, Founder &CEO, James Carey, Course Leader, The Rhythm Studio, Kensington&Chelsea College, London, UK

Thoughts on Electronic Music II, part 1

     Assoc.Prof.PhD. Mirela Mercean-Țârc, Music Department of Arts Faculty, Oradea University

The Story Workshop – Evaluation Tool and Educational Resource

      Univ. Lect. PhD. Loredana Muntean, Faculty of Social-Humanistic Sciences, University of Oradea

      Univ. Lect. PhD. Ciprian Baciu, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Improvisation as a modulatory agent for adaptive algorithm development in music visual programming using an A.I. hybrid

      Univ. Lect. PhD. Mihai Popean, West University of Timișoara, Faculty of Music and Theatre

Developing Motion Controlled Musical Instruments for Exploration with Inclusive Groups

     Thomas Bisitz, Oldenburg, Germany

Hansel și Gretel-design your own opera!

     Univ.Lect.PhD. Diana Sârb, Gheorghe Dima Music Academy

The protection and legal status of computer programs – including the

musical ones – in the Romanian law system

     Prof. PhD. Alin-Corneliu VăceanSabin Drăgoi School of Arts, Arad

Musical criticism in the digital era

     Univ.Assist.PhD. Cristina ȘuteuGheorghe Dima Music Academy

Video education made through content-sharing platforms

    PhD. Student Alexandru Vlad,Faculty of Theater and Film of Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca

Moderators: Univ. Prof. PhD. Nelida Nedelcuț, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Ciprian Gabriel PopGheorghe Dima Music Academy


Concert of concerts

Concert Hall

Concert with soloists-pupils from Sigismund Toduță Music College, Cluj-Napoca and the orchestra formed by students of Gheorghe Dima Music Academy.

Conductor David Csibi.

Works by: Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Friedrich Haendel, Joseph Haydn, W. Amadeus Mozart, Franz Doppler, David Popper.

Coordinator Univ.Lect.PhD. Marta CîrlejanGheorghe Dima Music Academy